Workfusion SDK Setup Questions - Settings Updates, where to find Nexus Instance Information


I have a lot challenges on setting up the work fusion SDK configuration. I received below error screen when trying to run the maven install:

Can you please advise how to resolve this? my settings.xml is as follows:

wf-nexus-releases <%User%> <%Password%> wf-repo wf-nexus-releases <%Nexus-Instance%/nexus/content/repositories/ml-sdk/ wf-repo

One major question is where can I find my nexus instance information? Can you please help? I highly, highly, highly recommend to create a detailed step by step video to set up the Workfusion SDK so that it can greatly help your customers…

Also, in this link:

It asks to modify the settings.xml with the code below:

Do I need to overwrite the original settings file? or add the script on top of the settings file? Reason I’m asking it is original settings file contains control tower configs, etc and the message above is so vague that I can only take a guess which is confusing.

Another question is do I need to update the nexus_instance_host to the training AutoML SDK dependencies URL? If not, where can I find my own nexus_instance_host. Please advise.