WorkFusion Studio Alpha Release

WorkFusion is pleased to announce our completely redesigned Integrated Development Environment (IDE) also known as WorkFusion Studio, now available for Alpha testing. The WorkFusion Studio leverages Eclipse, recognized industry-wide as the world’s best development platform, to deliver powerful new features like code completion, in-line debugging, and integration to external source control tools. Be amongst the first to access the new environment, and take advantage of these great new capabilities (but keep in mind that Alpha testing doesn’t guarantee production grade stability).

All you need to do is complete this survey and we’ll send you instructions to access the new WorkFusion IDE.


That’s great! I have filled out the survey. When should I expect the link to the Alpha installation package?

The next week. There will be an announcement, and each person will get an email.
Meanwhile, you can prepare and install:

Stay tuned!


WorkFusion Studio, a plugin for Eclipse IDE intended to develop WorkFusion machine configurations, is ready!

Release Notes:
Installation Instructions:

WorkFusion Studio is planned to substitute the WIDE (WorkFusion Web-Harvest IDE) and make it more comfortable to develop machine configs and RPA scripts.
In this Alpha release you can try out the following features:
• Code highlighting
• Code completion
• Web-Harvest Plugins Support
• Config settings: Input data, Output folder, Selenium server, local and remote Data Stores, S3 access
• XML debugging: variables and expressions view
• Multiple run configurations
• Console output
• Code formatting for XML and Groovy
• Seamless update process

You can use the WorkFusion Forum to discuss this Alpha release, submit feedback and ideas:

thank you from the entire WorkFusion Studio team