Workfusion Studio IDE - Unable to create Bot Task


I have installed latest RPA Express Workstudio, when I try to create BOT Task in IDE I am getting an error “Error occurred while creating searchable environment.” Attached snapshot for reference.


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Hi, Niharika

  1. You need to create a new WorkFusion project: File -> New -> WorkFusion Project.
  2. Create a Bot Task in the “config” folder: open your project in the left menu -> right-click on the “configs” folder -> New -> Bot Task.

Same problem for me. Creating new file doesn’t help.

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Can you make a screenshot with an error?

I am still facing the same issue when i tried to import the existing project by copying the source code to rpae_project. would you please provide the steps to import an existing project to Studio.

@vmeda you need to create a bot task in the Configs folder.


Follow the instruction @ishmaust posted above.

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