Workfusion Studio Performance

The Workfusion Studio IDE is often very slow - there is a delay of a few seconds when typing. Do you have any suggestions regarding how to improve performance?

Hello, @drew_a_fator
Unfortunately, sometimes there can be slowness in RPA Express performance as it requires a pretty powerful machine.
You can find full system requirements in our Knowledge Base -
I can recommend you to close all unnecessary applications during the work with our product.

Any update on that? I am forced to code in an other IDE since I often have 3 to 5 seconds lag when typing.
Is their any plugins to desactivate to make it smoother ?

Note: I have windows 10, 64 bits, 4 cores at 2.8GHz 16GB Ram and 320GB of memory free
Note: My code currently has around 360 lines. It seems that the more lines I have, the slower it is.

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Hi @alasbleis sorry for delayed response. This is a known issue for the last releases, and there is no effective way to fix the performance right now. I will keep you posted and will write here as soon as there is an update from the development team on this.

Hi @drew_a_fator @alasbleis
We are including a fix for this performance issue in the new release (2.3).
I’ll let you know as soon as it is available for download.

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Hi @drew_a_fator and @alasbleis
This issue has been fixed in version 2.3.
The performance should be back to normal.

Please let us know if you still have the issue in the new version.