Workfusion Studio: project view error

Hi Team,

I am facing the error “Could not create the view:”![2|690x387] whenever I try to restart the wf studio in code perspective.
But I could see the same project under java perspective.

Steps followed :

  1. created a maven project under code perspective
    2.changed compiler version under preferences which requires wf studio restart so I performed restart.
    after that, I couldn’t see the project due to the error mentioned above.

please help me out here.

Hello @laraveeti.

Do you use RPA Express or separate WorkFusion Studio installation?

I tried using both. Facing same error on both RPA Express and workfusion studio installation.

Thank you. Could you please clarify what exact new project you selected from menu items below? Do you need it for some Automation Academy assignment or for your own project?


I have selected New > Workfusion Project for my own poc project.

Thank you. Could you please advise which location did you use during creation your new project?

when i used “C:\Users\Lava Kumar Reddy\workfusion-workspace2\Groovy” i faced view error.

Now i have tried creating project under separate directory F:\poc_workspace and the issue seems resolved.

Thanks for the support.


Glad to know that it helps :grinning: