WorkFusion Triggers

Hello Everyone,

Please, I’ll like to confirm if workfusion has the capability of creating events, which when triggered lead to the execution of the bot.

Such events could be file changes, new folder creation etc

Hi @anderson_udoko

Currently, there is no option to use trigger events in RPA Express.
But you can publish your recording to Control Tower and schedule it to run at certain intervals or certain time and check if some condition is met. If it is - it moves to another step in the recording, if not - ends execution.

You can do it using Exception Handling or If-Else condition (depending on your use case), or use several bot steps in the business process as described here

Thanks ashapkina.

Also, I’m having issues manipulating data within an excel file. I’m trying to transfer the contents from one excel document to another, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

I am assuming SPA has an Email Trigger that can kick off a Business Process.

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@anderson_udoko what actions do you use the copy the data from one file to the other? Could you share your recording or screenshot of the Actions flow?