Working through Loops

I’m trying to automate a process which involves looping using an excel sheet. The process is supposed to take 3 different values from 3 consecutive cells of a row and enter it every single time in the loop. Kindly assist me the same as I’ve tried different things and failed to achieve the goal.

Hi @arar96 could you elaborate a bit more? at which step do you have an issue in your script?

Also, you can see an example of using For Each loop here

So, The excel sheet contains 3 columns Start Date,End Date and a column of X Path respectively, Since, I’m using a “for loop” iterated via row, I’m successfully able to pass the dates into the loop, However, I’m unable to pass the list of Xpaths as a variable from the sheet which is needed for performing Mouse Click Function. It will be great if you can help to resolve it or else providing me with alternate solution. I’m also working on an alternate solution which involves transferring the data into a Table as a variable. However, The problem persists as I’m unable to use the X_path from the table as Variable into the loop.

@arar96 can you share your recording and data file you use to see the details?

Try copying the data from Excel to a table variable and then using For Each loop and index to point to a particular element in the Table

Thanks @ashapkina I’m able to perform the aforementioned action.

HI @ashapkina, Thanks for the help.
I request your help in one another difficulty which I’m facing, the problem is, I want my loop to wait for 30 minutes after performing a set of action. The process is working extremely fine when I set the wait time for <5 minutes but the same process fails for all duration of more than 5-8 minutes. Kindly provide a solution for my query.

Hi @arar96 try this solution