WorkSpace Apache Error


Hi Team,

When trying to access a workspace via a manual task (example scenario from Power user 1) I am getting an Apache error and it will not load. All other modules seem to be working. Has anyone received this before? When looking at the details in dashboard it says issue found with workspace. Web check failed metrick: trigger: neq 0.0 observed: 1.0 . Workspace is not responding properly metric: ws…app.http.code trigger Neq 200.0 observed: 404.0


Hi @scott_v_toppiv,

Try restarting all components. If the error remains, the reason might be that RPA Express folder was not completely removed after uninstall. See this guide for correct RPA Express update:

If neither of that works - please let us know.



Hi Scott,
Did you have a chance to try the steps above? Did they work?



Hi Alesia,

Yes, I replied via email. This has been remediated. Thank you