WorkSpace unavailable, Control Tower has no button to start it


My Workspace is not available and Control Tower has no option to start it. (see attached screenshot)

I faced the issue before already and reinstalled Workfusion.


restart of components doesn’t help
here a screensshot of my platform monitor

control tower:


Can you please help me?

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It seems like you’ve chosen RPA Express Free version which doesn’t contain Control Tower component.
So you need to delete your RPA Express, then download and install RPA Express Trial version in which Control Tower is available:

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Was this communicated on the KB?

Hi @gerhardus_meyer,
Thanks for the question! Not yet. But it’s going to be added pretty soon.:slightly_smiling_face:

I cant enable the Control Tower… even if i search in “Quick Acces”, components doen’t appear

What am i doing wrong??

Thank You

@marcosdurana you need to install another version of RPA Express to be able to use Control Tower


I installed RPA Express 2.2.3 on my Windows 10 Pro.

  1. I noticed that Control Tower and WorkSpace are not enabled in the Menu bar as shown in the attached screenshot. (RPA Express Menu)

  2. When I accessed Platform Monitor, it shows Major Outage for both the components.(Attached Platform_Monitor)

  3. For Control tower it shows the reason as below in Platform Monitor:

Control Tower

schedule 2019-04-23 17:00:27

17:00:27 Web check failed Metric: Trigger: neq 0.0. Observed: 1
17:01:01 Healthcheck API call failed Metric: wf.hc.status. Trigger: neq 0.0. Observed: 1

Please let me know how I can access Control tower and WorkSpace on my system.

Thanks and Regards,
Archana Kumari

Hi @archanakumari5caf686f094ee did you download the Starter version of RPA Express from the website?

Hi @ashapkina,

Yes I downloaded and installed RPA Express Starter as RPA Express Business Pro I guess is licensed and need subscription.

You only need subscription if you use several bots.
If you use 1 bot, you can continue using the Business version without the license.

Thanks a lot @ashapkina !! I will install business version then

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Hi @ashapkina is it possible to use control tower in the free version ???


Yes, you can, but the free version has only 1 bot concurrent bot.

i have click on control tower and it wont start as in the previous version


i am using only one bot

On your screenshot, the Control Tower is started.
Doesn’t it open in the browser when you click on the link?

Hi @ashapkina
yes, is is in running but the control tower is not opening when i click on the link
a walk-around was to type the link below

Please advice

Does no window open in the browser at all?

Could you send other Studio logs from C:\RPAExpress\Studio\logs and Agent logs from C:\RPAExpress\Agent\Logs ?

Thank you

Hi @h01234567 thank you for sending the logs.

According to the logs, tomcat cannot start.

Could you additionally send tomcat logs from C:\RPAExpress\Workfusion\tomcat\logs and the screenshot with your system details?

Hi every one…

I am try to execute recording on control tower but the problem is after so many try i am not start the control tower in rpa express (lumen version 2.2.1).
please tell me how to start control tower and execute my recording.

Thank you…

@Jitendriya do I understand you correctly that you press the Start button in the tray menu, the status changes to Starting and then to Not Started again?