Writting results to excel



I have tried to build a basic POC. THe process should read from an excel, do some web actions, write results to excel, and finally send an email with the results.
The web automation was easy.
Reading the excel requires me to download 1.1.5 RPA version.
The logic implementation is simple.

However when i tried to write the results to an excel it was nearly impossible. I have tried all options without any results. I attach an image with my write results example.

The list is now pre-defined in order to simplify the problem.
The 2 set cells are both failing. The first one writes a fixed value in a variable and the second one the value of the list.
I have tried to write to the excel without the loop and it works perfectly.

However. It seems that it’s not going inside the loop i suppose it could be the filter option but i tried with empty value, 1-100 and other examples any of them works.

¿Any suggestions?



Unfortunately, in 1.1.5 the loops and conditions inside Open Spreadsheet action do not work properly.

This issue will be fixed in the 1.1.6 release


@Ignacio_Insua_Feito Ignacio_Insua_Feito

You should try with the 1.1.4. It should work…




Hi Everyone,

Can any one please help me to put the data from a list variable into excel. I am not able to figure out the logic.

Thanks in advance.

Siva Ramakrishna