Xls Open spreadsheet issue with RPA recorder



Hi, I am trying to download a file from the website thru RPA recorder. The file which is getting downloaded is in the Xls (When I click the download button ,it will download the file automatically to the specified folder with .Xls format). But, when I use the OPEN SPREADSHEET command, it fails.

I tried to open it manually , while doing so, the error " The file format and extension of xxx.xls don’t match.The file could be corrupted or unsafe. Unless you trust the file , don’t open it .Do you want to open it ? " with YES, NO, HELP options. When we click it , it opens normally.

How to avoid this error and have the file read and proceed with the next set of actions on Xls.


Hi, this doesn’t seem to be related to the recorder. Rather, it is an Excel issue.
I think you can find the solution here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_excel-mso_windows8-mso_2013_release/file-corrupted-or-unsafe-how-to-recoverfix/1b84b312-1434-42b2-8b43-26313047e8c6