XPath doesn't work

There is Xpath in the web page, it’s not working on mouseclick also the XPath is inside an iframe error%20robin1|690x387

Can you share the details of the error?

It cannot find the iframe XPath. Are you sure the XPath is correct?

Try playing the script and, when it fails, look for the iframe XPath on the opened web page (the one the bot opens) in the Dev Tools. Will it find it?

Yes, XPath is correct. If needed I would share the credentials of the website.(Do contact me at Jebaraj@vrbotz.com).

Hi @Jebaraj I just tried it, and the XPath worked

Is the page on which you click on the XPath opened in the same tab as the original page that was opened using Open Website action? Or is it opened in another tab?

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Thank you so much, mam, this XPath working fine.

Thanks & Regards,

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