Xpath for cell in Edit mode table in SharePoint

Hello, can someone help me how to make a bot to enter a value in specific column in SharePoint.
The SharePoint is in Edit mode with table. I tried find the xpath but it shows the same for all the column when in Edit mode.

Right click and select “inspect”. You should be able to see the element as you click and edit it. Some elements may have classes added and removed dynamically. Upload a screenshot if you want more specific help. Good luck!

Thanks for replying.:smiley:
I tried get the Xpath for different columns but both showed the same Xpath.

Full xpath:

Full xpath:

Those ids and classes are randomly generated. It probably is the same input element and it’s just repositioned using css absolute positioning.

  • Does opening the page and clicking the mouse with a specific x and y work?
  • Does opening the page and then hitting the tab key some number of times work? Try arrow keys too. (Cntrl+Up and Ctrl+Left will send you back to A1)

Sorry this is low quality help, but dynamic webpages are the worst to automate.
Pressing Ctrl+I in the browser will open the javascript console and sometimes you can paste in javascript that will modify the page to meet your needs.