Xpath for each required row


Is there any way to get data from these xpath by looping ??


@lakshmipriya_a you can save the whole column to a List variable using Xpath //[@id=“content”]/div[1]/div/table/tbody//td[7]

and then access the values you need in the List using Loop

SimilarXpathList.zip (1.3 KB)

@ashapkina dynamically the data will be changing here.

@lakshmipriya_a you need to save the column to a List using Web element action
SameXpathList.zip (670 Bytes)

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@ashapkina thank you its working :clap::clap::clap::bouquet:

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I have some trouble with Xpath and on assigment 12 I played around a bit (even though were supposed to use clipboard) to learn and I got a question.

I managed to get the Xpath: //tr[contains(@class,‘TblRow’)] for the table and when I post it in the search row in Chromes dev I get 25 results.

And I added a index to get the second row and it worked:

So happy to get those working… however, when I use these in the code… the result is an empty variable:



Would you please shead some light on why my xpath isn’t working as I thought they would… and how to fix them.