Xpath not working for certain fields in webpage

Xpath not working for certain fields in webpage

Used Mouse click option giving Xpath of both Root cause and empty space , no response…
Any other alternate way to select the same.


Perhaps, you should use a custom Xpath for this field.

Can you share the url of the page or the code of the field?

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Is this the one you are referring to , code of the field -

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Hi , please check i have updated the code / screenshot of the page

@karan_singh2a try using one of these xpaths:

  • //textarea[@title=“Root Cause”]
  • //*[contains(@class,“TextArea”)]
  • //*[contains(@name,“RootCause”)]

But check that the Xpaths are unique.

Hi , thank you for your kind help , i have tried all the above mentioned options under Web element and mouse click ( Text and Weblement ) as well but getting error message : NoSuchElementException: no such element: Unable to locate element: {“method”:“xpath”,“selector”:".///text()[contains(normalize-space(.), “/textarea[@title=“Root Cause”]”)]/parent::"}

@karan_singh2a could you share a screenshot of the action?

Hi Please check

I have tried the above options with Web Element and mouse click as well

Under mouse clicked i have used WebElement and Text but no success.

There is one slash missing at the start of the Xpath.

//textarea[@title=“Root Cause”]

I am sorry , tried but got no success :frowning:

Does it show the same error?

Yes same error,

@karan_singh2a just noticed that you have the wrong mode in action. You need to use Xpath, not Text.

Same error , tried as advised… :frowning_face:

Can you share the text of the error?