Xpath not working properly in a specific website location

I have an xpath process and the details is capturing the rest until the 18th location then data doesnt capture anymore.

RedMart.zip (28.1 KB)

@rene_naidas it might be because of the structure of the XPath -

The counters of various elements in the XPath change (div, ul, li), so the XPath above will work only for 18 elements in the list.

You can use a more universal Xpath in this case.

To access each product name, for example, you can use XPath //*[@id="contentSection"]/div/article/div[2]//h4/a, and use a counter variable to define the index number of a particular element - (//*[@id="contentSection"]/div/article/div[2]//h4/a)[${counter}]

so XPath (//*[@id="contentSection"]/div/article/div[2]//h4/a)[1] will point to the name of the first product on the page; (//*[@id="contentSection"]/div/article/div[2]//h4/a)[2] - to the name of the second product, etc.

And you can create similar Xpath for other web elements you need to get data from, too.

Hope it helps.

You can find more details on this in the Knowledge base: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/XPath+Guide


Followed your recommendation but the result is the same.