XPath of elements in frames not working in RPAExpress Web Element


There is problem in grabbing XPath of an element in Frames on the Website.

Please help.

Runa Pal

@Runa_Pal - this is a known issue and we are planning to include this feature in our future releases. Please vote for this topic to help us prioritize it.

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Hello, in tutorial it show web element option “search in iframe” but in aplication not contain this one. You have another way to rpa identifie elements inside frame using xPath. This is very important because many web pages use frames. Thanks.

this feature is available in the 1.1.5 version - see https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Sunbird+1.1.5

Hi @azinchuk I have a situation - i am able to pass values using xpath for few elements but few ends up in an error “no such element” - the element is visible I can see them. It is in the same frame. is there anything i missed.
This is how it is laid out. I need to enter values for 4 elements and then press “Save” button then another 10 elements load. Now when i try to set value for these the same way I do for the ones above I get the error msg. I have given enough time for “Wait” to let the elements load. There is only 1 frame in the page. Pls help.

Need to see the Web page source code and tour XPaths

Will share the frame source as the elements are inside the frame

@azinchuk also is there a debugging option - I would like to see what each step does - sometimes I see random activities being performed instead of the ones mapped. unable to pause and resume if I pause workfusion freezes I have to close the application and restart.