Xpath on a specific website

Hi, I am struggling to get XPATH for a specific website. The website is Coupa, I don’t know if the XPATH is dynamic or what. I have asked several colleagues and they are all struggling to help. Can you please assist as I now resorted to using image based clicking for my code which has resulted in a lot of actions. Thanks.

Gcobisile Matafeni

Have you tried copying the XPath in Dev Tools?

I have tried copying the XPATH using Dev Tools but the mouse click action doesn’t work. I am not really well versed with XPATH, does the following HTML code contain an XPATH

Order Lists

I am just seeing class, I do not know if the web elements are dynamic or not.

a class=“s-menu-topLink purchasing_menu_link” id=“orderListsTopLink” aria-expanded=“false” aria-haspopup="" aria-controls=“order_lists_menu” href="#">Order Lists</a

Please share the webpage’s url

This is an internal staff accessible website, I don’t know how I can share it.